Nanny Lala’s Christmas


Mumboss is calling.


Just to get you up to speed, I’m a nanny/night nanny/sleep trainer/potty whisperer/general dogsbody, depending on who I’m working for at the time.  I’m currently an at-least-60-hours-a-week London nanny for a mostly delightful 3 year old, and his endlessly frustrating parents. 


I was supposed to finish work for Christmas on the 16th of December. I booked three weeks off, as I knew both the parents would be home, and it would be my only chance to get my Christmas shopping done.


They told me on the evening of the 15th that actually that wouldn’t work for them, as MumBoss had her Christmas shopping to do,  and she finds it far too stressful doing it alone, so she would need DadBoss to accompany her.  They also had “a couple of lunches/drinks things”,  and it would actually make much more sense if I just worked right up to the 23rd.




So, I finished on the 23rd at 8pm.   My husband and I finally make it to his parents’ at 1am and proceed to have a Very Merry Christmas.


Now it’s today.  The 28th.  It’s very early and I’m very hungover. 

And MumBoss is calling. 


The grandparents have decided to go home for New Year and now there’s nobody to look after the child!  She thinks they can manage this morning, but perhaps I could come in for a few hours later today and then start back again tomorrow instead of the 9th?  

Apparently he’s “so excited” to see me and show me all his new toys. 

I’ve tried saying that I’m still at my in-laws this week, and it is not being well received. (It’s also a complete lie, but I panicked) 

She asks when I’m due back, then as I go to answer (with another lie – bad nanny) she remembers that I told her I’m going out in London for New Year’s Eve; so I must be coming back this weekend!   “Wonderful, that’s settled then!” 


Erm, what? 


So it’s all settled – they are “Just Going To Have To Cope” for the rest of this week, and they will see me next week.  If I could start a bit early, that would be great, as they’ll need to do a handover. 

Y’know, because I’ll probably have forgotten how to look after their child in the whole week and a half holiday that I’m now getting!