No-one likes a know it all.

I was talking with my husband last night about holidays we want to take in the next couple of years, and he was looking at a travel website while we were talking.

He showed me a picture and said “This looks nice. It’s in Italy apparently.” 

I looked and said “Oh,  I think that’s Sorrento. It’s meant to be lovely. You can take a boat over to Capri, there are great views of Vesuvius, and some lovely drives along the coast.” 

He asked how I knew when I’d never been, and I told him it’s because I am Very Clever and actually take time out of my busy life to learn about the world, and maybe he should read more. 

He then said “Oh, hang on,  I bet you know about it from one of those crappy books you read. You know, the ones where there’s a girl who doesn’t realise how pretty she is, and then she opens a bookshop and finds love.” 

I raised my eyebrows and opened my mouth to give a scathing reply, then realised that that’s exactly how I know about Sorrento.  So I muttered “She opened a cafe actually.” and flounced off to eat nutella on toast. 


Welcome back, Nanny Lala.

I walked into work for my first day back after Christmas this week to be greeted by DadBoss in his coat and shoes standing by the door.  (I wasn’t late – early in fact as I’d been told we were doing a handover!)

“Ah, there you are! Have a good day, see you later.”


My charge is completely zoned out in front of the TV, and looks like he’s been there for a while, so I go through to the kitchen to see if anyone has left a note. 

They have. 

“Good Morning Nanny Lala!  Hope you enjoyed your lovely long break over Christmas – you lucky thing!

Just let you know, C refused to let me put a pull up on him last night and he wet the bed, so that will need stripping and the sheets putting in the machine. 

We had a bit of a disaster with the freezer – Grandma got confused and switched it off and we didn’t realise for a few hours.  We thought it was better to be safe than sorry so we threw all the batch cooking out.  Tbh I’d rather you didn’t put too much food in the freezer anyway as we’d rather C ate fresh meals each time.  If there are leftovers DadBoss and I will eat them.

Please can you do an ocado shop for us today as I haven’t had time with thing being so crazy at Christmas.  

Also, C needs a haircut (get his feet measured while you’re there) and he has a party at the weekend so could you grab a card and present. 

While he naps today can you start finding homes for all his new toys and have a general tidy of the playroom. His bedroom needs a good sort through too but that can wait until he’s back at nursery next week. 

Oh, and he’s been watching far too much TV over Christmas so please don’t let him watch any this week.

See you later! 

MumBoss. x”


It takes me a minute or two to take it all in, but I decide to leave C in front of the TV for five more minutes so I can deal with the wet bed. I give him a kiss and let him know I’ll be down to turn it off in five minutes.

I go in and realise that in addition to the wet bed, there’s two overflowing laundry baskets, multiple wet pull ups laying around the room, a huge stain on the carpet that looks suspiciously like poo,  (I am NOT sniffing to check) and the contents of his wardrobe that haven’t been worn over Christmas have been pulled out and thrown all over the floor.

I deal with the worst of it and head down to switch off the TV and say good morning to my charge.  In my head I had imagined him running to the door as soon as I arrived, giving me a hug and telling me he’d missed me.  Instead, his first words to me this morning are “NOOOOO! TURN TV BACK ON STRAIGHT AWAY. DADDY LETS ME.” followed by a raging tantrum .  He was rude and uncooperative for the rest of the day and we ended up not going out for the treat I’d planned.


It took me the whole week to get the house looking normal and to get C’s manners back to an acceptable level.  It’s the weekend now, I’m too exhausted to do anything, and I feel like I never even had a break.  I sometimes feel like it’s not even worth going on holiday because of all the extra work waiting for me when I get back. 

Do other nannies feel like this?